Ralstons Block, Ralstons Road, Ballarat East

'Ralstons Block' - Developed for Irrigation


30.29* hectares (74.84* acres)

- Ideally situated 11* kilometres north East of Ballarat on Ralstons Road.
- 110* kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.
- 106* kilometres from Melbourne Airport.

Highly fertile and productive country with heavy red volcanic soils ideal for pasture, crop, intensive horticulture or vegetable production. The land is all usable with 75% (24* hectares) arable and suitable for intensive farming.

The topography is generally flat and mostly cleared with a slope to the west, ensuring it is well drained during the wetter winter months.

The property features two large scale storage dams. The property is equipped with a newly installed solar bore and fully reticulated livestock trough system. The bore is equipped with 2 solar panels (5 KW capacity), each equipped with sun 'tracker' technology. The bore supplies a 5,000 gallon poly tank.

50.5 megalitre irrigation surface licence. Equipped with underground water mains and irrigation hydrants.

Very well fenced, the property features a central laneway system ensuring mustering and movement of livestock is simple and easy. The fencing is a feature and has been largely replaced with completely new fencing including treated pine, 7 line hinge joint and an electric wire. The laneway is equipped with an all-weather formed gravel road.

Offers versatility and high production. It well suited to a range to generic agricultural interests including sheep, cattle and winter cash crops. It is also suitable for more intensive enterprises including potatoes, vegetables or other horticultural farming interests. The country is currently sown to high performance perennial pastures with a dse rating in the range of 20-25* dse/ha.

Outstanding sites to build your ideal and private homestead (STCA).

Also available with properties 'Rogers Block' (34.6* hectares/85.5* acres) and 'Roundabout Block' (30.41* hectares/75.14 *acres).



  • 1P0061
  • Rural
  • Sold
  • Ralstons Road Ballarat East VIC
  • 74 Acres