Selling Tips

What should I consider when selling a farm or rural asset?

General rural land ownership is a medium to long term decision and in many instances, intergenerational with one generation passing ownership onto another. Accordingly, when the decision to sell a farm or rural lifestyle property is made, it is generally a major decision. On-farm, land owners should ensure the property presents in excellent shape with the property aesthetically tidy and well maintained. Off-farm, the landowner should develop a sensible and professional marketing strategy that reaches their target audience, bearing in mind that the marketing presentation is a critical aspect of the sale process.

The Inglis Rural Property team combine professional and modern marketing techniques with experience and industry knowledge to provide our clients with an edge in what can sometimes be considered a congested market.

An important aspect to consider is the market conditions at the time of selling; what level is the current market? What is land selling for in my district?

Sounds simple but not always.